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NEUMAG Draw Line, ~18MM lbs annual capacity.
Item Number10656
MachineNEUMAG Draw Line, ~18MM lbs annual capacity.
DescriptionCapacity @ ~ 78-80% utilization on polyester ~ 50,000 lbs/day, 350,000 lbs/wk, 1,400,000 lbs/mo, 18,200,000 lbs/yr. Drawline 6 consists of: Creel - NO tow puller, raises & lowers, spreader bars. Dip Bath - heat exchanger, finish metering system for two finishes. Pre-Draw Stand - line shaft 150 hp DC PIV changer system, draw force ~ 4 grams / denier on poly, nip roll, (7) rolls 254mm x .6 meter, heated. Deluge draw system - heated finish pumped on fiber at high rate to condition for drawing. Post-Draw Stand - line shaft 150 hp DC PIV changer system, 250 mpm, no heat or cool capability. (1) Tow Stacker. (1) Dancer Roll Stand. (1) Steam Chest. (1) NKR Crimper - 150mm, 25 hp DC, box PSI controlled, air over hydraulic, finish recycling system. Stuffer box has been removed. (1) Incline 16" Conveyors to snorkels. P&S Conveyor Dryer - 78" wide x 24' oven, 6? entrance and 10? exit, gas fired, (2) 200,000 btu/hr heat zones and 1 cool zone, control panel. Low profile. Fiber shrinkage @ ~25% in heatset process. Tension Stand - pneumatic. Final Finish Applicator - micro motion technology. Lummus Mark IV Tow Cutter - LH, cut range from 1.0 to 7.5 inches. Includes 1 cutter reel. Others available separately. Mill-Tronics Weigh Belt System. Lummus Pease Wheel Blower - model 196 to pre-open and transport fiber to baler.
NEUMAG Draw Line, ~18MM lbs annual capacity.
NEUMAG Draw Line, ~18MM lbs annual capacity.  Crimper  Crimper  Crimper

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