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Monofilament / Tape Line, ~800 pph capacity.
Item Number16027
MachineMonofilament / Tape Line, ~800 pph capacity.
DescriptionThe extrusion line is a 4.5" extruder equipped with Red Oak monofilament dies and includes an accumulator, draw stands, warper, beams for the warper and beam unwind stands. This line is also installed on the production floor but has been out of operattion about 1 year.. Davis Standard Extruder, 4.5" dia, 30/1 LD, 150 hp DC. Maquire Gravimetric Blender / Dosing unit. Foremost blend stations. Red Oak Melt Pump. Red Oak 56" Die. Willman Manual Screen Changer. Not fibrillated. Water Quench. Nip Tower. DAU open air oven/bath. Annealing - 7 hot & 2 cold cans. West Point Warper, 356 ends. 50 MILS Tape Width & Range. Ran PP, 3-4 melt, 830 pph. Sulzer tape looms available separately (# 16028 & 29). Open for bids thru Sept 20th.
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