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HERBOLD Recycling Lines, consisting of:
Item Number16261
MachineHERBOLD Recycling Lines, consisting of:
DescriptionHERBOLD Granulator, SML 60/100-S7-2, ~ 26x26" throat, 90 KW HERBOLD Fan, MCT 55/500, 25 hp Hump Magnet HERBOLD Plastcompactor/Agglomerator, HV70 HERBOLD Fan MFT 75/500 HERBOLD Cooling Tower, SZS2-630-212, with fan, cyclone HERBOLD Granulator, SML 60/100-S5-2, ~20x36" throat, 44 kw HERBOLD Cooling Tower, fan, cyclone, 9 bag sock filter HERBOLD Hopper, SMV-3500 w/ 4 bag sock filter HERBOLD Pulverizer, PU 800, 90 kw KOGER Fan, 20 hp NOTE: (1) line does NOT include a pulverizer. Several large hammermills and screeners are available along with other support equipment.
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