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Recycling Line, consisting of:
Item Number16611
MachineRecycling Line, consisting of:
DescriptionLoading Elevator, 3' wide x 3' long x 4' deep, equipped with safety light curtains and door interlocks. Material Reduction Systems Granulator, 2003 yr, 100 Hp 1775 rpm, 48 x 64" throat, 42" wide x 12" diameter rotor with triangular blades, 3/4" screen, hydraulic tilting top, Faulk QuadDrive Gear Reducer 13.89 Ratio, 10? overall height. Discharge Inclined Conveyor, 31"W x 17?L, equipped with cable pull safety interlocks, vari-speed control. Horai Co. LTD Crusher/Shredder, Model 2N205-50120-75E, 1001 yr, 75 Hp 1470 rpm, 44x44" throat, 48" rotor, (2) 23 1/2"W screens with 1/2" holes, motor assisted tilting top, 10? overall height. GreenHeckCyclone Blower System, 10 hp, 12" Discharge Duct Mitsubishi and Allen Bradley controls. Republic Machine upgraded the control system and added the Marathon Reduction Solutions Granulator in 2003. The entire system is surrounded by a modular safety cage with door interlocks, and the Horai Co. Crusher is surrounded by a soundproof blanket with top cover. Footprint is 15'W x 40'L. The first grinder shredded material into a manageable size and the second "crushed" it into a cotton like material. Last running ~1/2" thick batting from fabric & automotive carpet scrap and converting to a combination of short stringy fibers and powder that was later remelted to make another mat in a conveyor dryer.
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