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Tufting Plant for Sale, consisting of:
Item Number16810
MachineTufting Plant for Sale, consisting of:
Description1/8 Southern 4 meter cut pile, CMC shifter, cam driven. 1/10 Southern 12' graphic loop - 2 stepping needle bars, modified 1/10 Southern 15? graphic loop - 2 stepping needle bars (1) Set rollers and CMC controller to convert above (or others) to enhanced loop 5/32 B & J loop 15? stepping needle bar and eccentric rollers 5/32 Southern 15? modified to graphic loop-2 stepping needle bars, complete except for needle bars. 5/32 Southern 15? modified w/ Cobble scroll attachment for cut & loop, 2 stepping needle bars, easily convertible to 5/32 cut pile 5/32 Cobble scroll pattern, 2 level loop 1/10 Cobble 15? Glenro heat line, like new, 3 heaters in 2 boxes, temps to 1200 deg, 480/3. 7.5' wide in line or 15' side by side (3) 5/32 tufter creels Cocker warper with creel (100+) 28" wooden warper beams Beam splicer NOTES: Electrical 9s 240 and 480v 3/60. All machines operational except 5/32 graphic loop needing needle bars. (8) extra frames available for parts or to build from. Available as a package or by the piece.
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