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NEUMAG FDY (CF) / POY Line, 1999 yr, PP multifilament.
Item Number17293
MachineNEUMAG FDY (CF) / POY Line, 1999 yr, PP multifilament.
DescriptionThe machine consists of the following components : 6 positions FDY (CF) / POY each with 6 threads/position. 6 volumetric measuring devices with each 3 components (PP, 2x Masterbatch). (6) extruders 50mm dia 30:1 L/D. Each 22 kW, 4 x 5 kW, 50 kgs/hr cap. 12 spinning pumps. 72 spinnerets 145 mm. 48 spinnerets 300/80 den, trilobal for FDY. 24 spinnerets 240/40 den, round for POY. 1 Vacuum-station for the set up of the temperature for each diphyl line, per 3 positions. 2 Diphylheathers. 6 Quench cabinets. Yarn guides. Heberlein and Temco Jets. 2x2 heated godets, length 300 mm, 140 C. 1 chrome cold godet. 6 winders with automatic doffing, yarn guides by wings, 170mm cones, max dia 400mm. Fully equipped with a process control system with historical data. Each position can be set up individually. The air quench and diphyl line can be adjusted for 3 positions. On each position can produce both FDY (CF) or POY yarn. Lowest detex reported produced was 100 dtex.
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