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STARLINGER Recycling Line -
Item Number5598
MachineSTARLINGER Recycling Line -
DescriptionDesigned for reprocessing waste of PET, PA, PS or other polyolefines or mixed materials (PET-PP) in one continuous operation. Waste material such as ground synthetic resin bottles, filaments (stretched or un-stretched), tapes, film, cloth, etc is feed to unit and comes out as clean and dry granulate suitable for re-utilization. Output varies based upon material being reprocessed. (PET: 120-220 kg/hr.) (PA 120-180kg/hr.) (PP 180-210 kg/hr) (LDPE 180-220 kg/hr). HDPE 140-180 kg/hr.) Line consists of: 600mm hot cutting device, conveyor, shredder, 80mm extruder (35:1 L/D, vacuum unit, filter, strand die head, water cooling bath, granulator, centrifuge, cyclone, 90 KVA connected load, ~power consumption 56kw. Line re-worked in 1996 and never used. The equipment is not set to run but can be inspected in parts.
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STARLINGER Recycling Line -
STARLINGER Recycling Line -  STARLINGER Recycling Line -  STARLINGER Recycling Line -

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